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11026 finished

11026 a Champion race & currently best stock cock in the loft! He was one of 3 on drop 300klms for 1st club, Section & Open Fed @ 1049mpm. One of 3 on drop again very hard 450klms @ 1008mpm beaten into 2nd Fed by less than 1mpm. Sired 301 BBPC 2nd Club, 2nd Section, 2nd Open Fed 565klms @ 1352mpm. 302 BBPH 3rd Club, 3rd Section, 6th Open Fed 739klms @ 1320mpm. 302 CB Noccundra 1045klms 2.45pm second day for 3rd club, 4th Sect, 7th Open @ 767mpm great effort on a very hard race. 1st club, 1st Section, 1st Open Fed 451klms @1206mpm, 1st Club, 1st Section, 1st Open 300klms @ 1254mpm, 3rd club, 3rd sect, 8th Open YBD 447 klms @ 1393mpm, Equal 1st Club, 1st Section, 1st Open Fed 388klms @ 1235mpm. 12102 BBC 1st club, 2nd sect, 13th Open 180klms, Equal 2nd club, 5th Sect 9th Best in Fed 220klms @ 1173mpm,
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