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1960 nest mate to 1989 both bred by Jason Stig (Sydney). 1960 sire of one of 3 on drop for 2nd Open Fed very hard 450klm @1008mpm (beaten by 0.03mpm for 1st Fed). 2nd club 6th Open 300 klms @ 1206mpm. 5th club, 6th Section, 13th Open 680klms (clocked after dark after 11 hrs 58 mins on wing) @ 949mpm. 1960 G'sire 8th Open Fed. 2nd club, 3rd section, 4th Open Fed 456klms @ 1251mpm. 1st club, 1st section, 1st Open Fed 565klms @ 1442.0 mpm. 1960 was a gift bird from Jason Stig, bred from his imported Hereman Ceuster pigeons crossed with the very good SVR Grote Tom (Jos Soontjen) lines.
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