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8106 finish

Champion Race & Stock cock, son of 641. Clocked at 4.53pm 615 klms for 4th club, 6th section, 11th Open Fed. @ 1051mpm all day fly. Clocked Marlborough again two weeks later for 1st club, 3rd Sect, 5th Fed @ 1771mpm. 8106 sired 1st club, 1st Section, 1st Open 300klms @1049. 2nd Club, 2nd Section, 2nd Open Fed (beaten by 0.03mpm for 1st), 1st Section, 8th Open Fed National 680klms @ 971mpm (clocked after dark), 1st Club, 1st Section, 1st Open 220klms @ 1046mpm. 3rd Club, 3rd Section, 5th Open 739klms @ (clocked after dark). 1st Club, 2nd Section, 4th Open Fed 739klms @ 1297mpm. Grand sire 1st Open 300klms, 1st Open 450klms etc.
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