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8091 BBPC
QPF 08 8091 BBPC Champion race & stock cock. Club Bird of the Year when racing and sire of two Open Federation winners. 8091 bred 2nd club, 5th Open Fed 290klms, 1st club 1st Section, 2nd Open Fed hard 390 @ 1077mpm and next week 2nd club 8th Fed 390klms and Bird of Year in WMPC. 8091 also sire of 1st club, 1st section 1st Open Fed 615klms @ 1123mpm. 1st club, 2nd sect, 3rd open at 268klms @ 1582mpm. 1st Club, 1st Section, 1st Open Fed 388klms @ 1235mpm, 1st Club 1st Section, 1st Open Fed 600klms @ 1099mpm. 8091 is a grandson of the No.1 pair with a Gaby cross
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