In 2015 I underwent an operation in March and missed the first series of races while I was recovering. I still managed to win 3 Open Federation races and finished 4th in the Open Fed Averages.

QPF 14 428 BBH  (428 Pedigree) won 1st club, 1st Section, best in Fed @ 1254mpm from 300 klms and followed up with 1st club, 1st section, 1st Open Fed @ 1206mpm from 450klms. Sire 11026 is a grandson of the No.1 pair and the Dam is a cross.

QPF 14 1411 LCC (1411 Pedigree) placed 2nd Club, 2nd Section, 2nd Best in Fed from 300 klms @ 1203 mpm and then won 1st Club, 1st Section & 1st Open Fed 388klms @ 1235mpm. Dam 6092 is a grandaughter of the No.1 pair and the Sire is a cross from Jason Stig.

QPF 14 1451 BBWFC (1451 Pedigree) landed with CB (electronically timed) at 222 klms for 2nd club, 5th Sect, 9th Best in Fed @ 1173 mpm. Landed with 1411 (above) for 1st Club, 1st Section & 1st Open Fed 388 klms @ 1235 mpm and then placed 1st Club, 1st Section, 1st Open Fed @ 1099 mpm from 600 klms. Top effort on a hard day and unfavourable easterly wind 9 hours 3 minutes on wing. Sire 8091 inbred to the No.1 pair & Dam 12021 is a great granddaughter of the No.1 pair and a full sister to 1411 above.



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