In 2012 we again flew our hard North route. I had 8 club wins to win the club averages and finished 4th in the QRPF Open Fed averages.

11079 won the hard 600 klms Marlborough Fed 9 hours 11 minutes on the wing 11069 BBPH landed with 11079, electronically timed 2 seconds later.

QPF 11 11079 BPnC (11079 Pedigreeplaced 1st club 1st Section 1st Open Fed Marlborough 600klms @ 1044mpm. 11079 bred from a daughter of the No.1 pair when mated with the “Plain” Gaby cock and 11069 (11069 Pedigree) who landed with 11079 is an inbred granddaughter of the No.1 pair..




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