In 2010 we spent 7 weeks on an overseas holiday from May to July and I missed most of the first series. A friend looked after the pigeons which enabled me to start racing in the middle of the season as soon as we arrived home. We flew our West route in 2010 and despite missing a number of races I won 7 club 1st, 2 x 2nds & 2 x 3rds to again won the Cannon Hill Club averages. 

9071 won the Open Fed YBD and I had won 2 Section Fed races & finished 12th in the QRPF averages.

QPF 09 9071 BPnPH (9071 Pedigree) placed 1st Club, 1st Section 1st Open Federation YBD  455 klms @ 1331mpm. 9071 bred from a Gaby cock from Shaun Elliott mated to a Mueleman Hen from Chris Fernandos (Sydney). The hen was related to my No.1 stock cock.


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