Benzing M1

I have used the Benzing M1 electronic timing system since 2007 and can thoroughly recommend this system.

Its ease of use and reliability is outstanding. Coupled with a Benzing Station the M1 is on its own for the features that it provides to fanciers.

I have put together a number of “How to …” articles to help fanciers get the most from their Benzing M1. Some fanciers worry about making changes to the M1 on race day for fear of deleting something, but you need have no concerns in this regard, the safety systems built into the M1 will prevent you from making any changes to current races without connecting the M1 to the club system.

March 2016 – Benzing M1 latest software is version 4.04 (check your M1 on startup to see what software version you are running)

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