I didn’t have the best of breeding season’s coming into the 2016 race season and was worried that the pigeons might not perform to their best. Canker was a big problem in the breeding loft, something that I had under control for many years but suddenly it was a problem once again. 

I need not have worried as much because my race pigeons performed very well, and although I didn’t win a single Open Fed race they were consistently up with the leaders in all but 1 race and I know what I did to put them off that week as well.

I finished the year with:

1st CHPC Club Championship,

1st QRPF South Section Championship

1st QRPF Open Fed Championship,

1st QRPF Overall (all races) Championship

1st QRPF Long Distance Championship.

All in all a very good year.

2016 Race Certificate


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